We are the global leader, specialized in woven interlining for shirts and blouses - and our core strength lies in high-tech finishing technology. You benefit from high quality standards in all our business segments.

Quality promise

At Wendler Italy – as everywhere on the world – we guarantee consistent high quality in our products. Our interlining materials have a stable shade of white, excellent shrinkage values and high bonding strength for optimal processing and functionality. At any time we can also conduct tests with your fabrics to find out the best interlining-fabric combination.

  • Consistent shade of white
  • Excellent shrinkage values
  • High bonding strength
  • Globally available test facilities
  • Uniform quality standards
  • Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®

Interlining qualities

We offer two interlining qualities.
Premium Basic

In our premium line „Made in Germany“ we offer interlining that meets the absolute highest production and quality standards – in a huge variety of weights, colours, handfeels and finishings.  

  • Made in Germany
  • 100% cotton fabric (ring yarn)
  • Consistent white shades
  • Customized small production lots possible
  • Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®
  • Fast and reliable
  • Fusible, non-fusible and temporary fusible articles
  • EURO 1

In our basic line „Made in Asia“ we offer you price competitive woven interlining which is produced according to Wendler quality standards in Asia.

  • Made in Asia
  • 100% CO (OE yarn)
  • PES/CO interlining available
  • Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®
  • Only standard colours available
  • Fusible, non-fusible and temporary fusible articles

Product assortment


Men's shirts

We have the suitable interlining for all shirt applications. With our extensive range and technical know-how we recommend you the best interlining to suit your fabric. Whether it is for tailored business shirts, casual shirt or even uniform shirts we offer the best interlining choice available in different qualities, weights, colours, handfeels and finishings for special purposes, e. g. double-side fused, zero shrinkage, elastic or coloured point.

  • 100% CO and 100% PES available
  • Big inventory combined with fast and reliable delivery
  • More than 40 years experience
  • Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®
  • Own quality management system
  • Fusible, non-fusible and temporary fusible articles
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Ladies' blouses

Ladies’ blouses are versatile and sophisticated. Whether they are made of lightweight, transparent or particularly delicate shell fabrics - our interlining provides maximum wearing comfort and a perfect fit. In order to highlight the particular characteristics of a blouse, a wide variety of fabrics all different kind of fabrics have to be stabilized with supportive interlining. It is important that the interlining yarn material is based on the shirt fabric.

  • Fusible and non-fusible, lightweight interlining
  • Made of 100% CO, PES or PA
  • Extra soft to soft handfeel varieties
  • Our Duett/H-Line for very delicate fabrics, such as silk or chiffon (hand-ironing possible)
  • Interlining with low fusing temperature conditions
  • Interlining for very low wash temperatures
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For really clean, artificial looking shirts we also offer seam tapes and advice how to apply them. They are used for armholes, side seams, yokes or breast pockets in men‘s and ladies‘ shirts.

  • PE film or mesh available (AH or AHF)
  • Different weights available
  • Cut according to your requirements
  • Small & bulk quantities
  • Excellent & stable results
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In-house cutting mill


Together with our long-time partner TESSILCOMPANY we offer an in-house cutting service where we cut all kind of collars, cuffs, and tapes - always according to customer requirements and in any material combination.

  • Pre-cut designs
  • Short time delivery
  • Small & bulk production
  • Mock-up service
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Collar stays


Collar stays ensure stable collar tips and give your shirt collar shape and stability. We offer two types, both of which are attached to an uncoated interlining. Both collar stays are inserted into the collar during the sewing process after it has been turned, and then attached by using top stitching.

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Especially the waistband needs to fit well and has to offer a high degree of comfort. With our fusible interlining, you also obtain a high and consistent quality and a nice appearance. If the waistband is reinforced with a fusible interlining, a higher shape stability is guaranteed. Further more it prevents deformation and ensures precise seams. The result? A higher quality and a visual upgrade. Choose a fusible interlining that suits to the type of waistband or trousers - for optimised quality and appearance.

  • Soft and stretchable polyester filament fabric, e.g. for denim or chino trousers
  • Textured multi-elastic woven polyester fabric - particularly suitable for trousers with garment dyeing, bleaching or enzyme washing
  • Medium-soft straight cut band made of a viscose/polyester blend for flat weaves such as classic suit trousers
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